The Artists Behind The Keeper

The Keeper line of electronics accessories was conceived for Cribsi by Jennifer Mazur to highlight art & artists with the covers that adorn our everyday electronics. While these products are functional and securely hold your devices, they equally reflect your style and appreciation for art. Our inaugural collection of AirTag holders were designed by Jennifer herself. Future collections will feature new artists.


Jennifer Mazur

Artist Jennifer Mazur with Funny Friends soft sculpturesJennifer is a top artist and designer in SoCal. When she isn’t creating plush sculptures, Jennifer designs furniture and objets d'art. She also provides interior design consulting services, specializing in turning residential and commercial spaces into unique and dynamic environments for children.

In 1982, Jennifer created a Limited Edition Soft Sculpture Art Collection for Sherwood Galleries, in California. Her collection was made entirely by her hand using airbrushed textiles or real fur pieces. Since then, Jennifer launched Funny Friends to make her popular soft sculptures more broadly available as stuffed toys and decorative art for children. Over the years, Jennifer has designed over 300 plush creatures.

Jennifer took some time off from her latest venture, Tango Design, to create the inaugural set of artist-designed AirTag holders for Cribsi Inc.